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How To Invest In Stocks For Beginnres

Alex Cunningham
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For The Beginner

💰Here’s what you’ll learn

Why you should invest or trade

What a stock is

Why do stock prices rise and fall

When you should buy a stock

When you should sell a stock

Options Trading Overview

How to avoid taking a massive loss

Proven path to success


Potential for healthy long term returns

Beat Inflation (decrease in purchase power of dollars/cash)

Earn additional income

Build Equity, the vehicle of the wealthy


Video presentation with source navigation

List of definitions to learn the language

Booklist that will help you on your journey to become a profitable trader

Trading Strategy Template To Get You Started

The Question Is

When would be a good time to start having your money work harder than you?

The Answer Is

Now ✋🏾👇🏾


I help people learn to earn money trading and investing in the financial markets.

As an employee, no matter how much money you make, you'll never be able to buy more time.

Over the last few years, I have been learning and working to create this course to help others learn to leverage the markets to earn


Chris Carpenter
  • Before
I had done some research, but the concepts introduced in this course completely changed my perspective and the way I looked at and approached the market and investing overall.
  • After
Together with this course and some 1-on-1 conversations with Alex, some new concepts were introduced to me that I hadn’t found in my own research. Working in sales, usually always during market hours, and working a ton of hours a week, this showed me how easy and quickly I could invest with what I had available. I found an investing style that better suited my busy schedule.
  • What I’d tell someone
There’s no such thing as “no time.” As a car salesman, working 12hours/day - 6days a week, I still find time to invest because that is what will buy me my time back. There’s also no such thing as “the right time”. Alex has shown how you can start with very little and start growing. The course shows not a cookie cutter way of doing things, but the way that’s going to work for you

  • "I've always been interested in the stock market but it felt too overwhelming to even try. The information Alex shares in this course gave me the confidence I needed to start trading small and learning along the way. Thanks to his advice I was able to make $300 dollars on options trades in a short period of time. Officially hooked!"

This is not an end all be all course. There are many other books, courses and lessons you need to learn.

The stock market takes consistency and discipline to master, those are things I cannot teach, you must find them and develop them yourself

This course is meant to help someone who has no idea what a stock is and get them to buy stocks now and sell them for more at a later date.

Click on the 'I want this' button above and change your life, the choice is yours.

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How To Invest In Stocks For Beginnres

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